AF1 Racing demo rides

Test Ride Requirements

Almost as easy as riding your own bike! For you to truly experience life with a certain motorcycle or scooter, you've got to ride it like it's yours. At AF1 Racing, we understand this and strive for our demo rides to have less pressure and more freedom. There are a few simple requirements regarding our demo rides.

  • We ask that you come prepared with proper riding gear. We define proper riding gear as motorcycle-specific helmet, gloves, and jacket, jeans, and closed toed shoes. In addition, all items should proper fitting and not loose or over sized. Don't have a helmet or gloves? We sell them. We also have loaner gear, but there is no guarantee on sizing at any given time.

  • You are required to have a valid (i.e. not expired) motorcycle license. It does not have to be a TX license, but we must verify it as legal proof you are a licensed, over 21 years of age and a trained rider before sending you off.

  • Proof of insurance is required. We accept hard copies or copies via email or fax from your insurance provider.

  • Sign our Test Ride waiver fully and provide all information requested - no exceptions.

  • Please bring your mobile phone with you. If necessary, we need the ability to reach you while out on your demo ride.

  • You must be 21 years or older to test ride.

Test Ride Considerations

That's a short list of requirements. We do not enforce a set route, and we won't follow you without your request. This demo is for you to experience the bike as you would if it were yours. All that said, we do want to look out for the safety of our customers and our machines.

  • If you are a new rider, we ask that you have some riding time under your belt on a comparable bike.

  • Take considerations regarding timing when coming in to demo a motorcycle or scooter. We are located in North Austin on the Interstate 35 access road, so traffic and weather* will inevitably play a part in what is the right time for you.

  • Allow yourself the proper amount of time. In addition to the time for us to verify the requirements are met, and your time riding, we will give you an overview of the bike, it's controls, and features prior to your ride. You may also have questions after your ride (it's best to ask them while they're fresh in your mind).

  • While we want you to be comfortable, and do not necessarily set a time or distance limit in most circumstances, we do differentiate between a demo ride and a joy ride, and ask that you respect this.

Sound like fun? Visit our showroom, or give us a ring to discuss the availability of demo bikes. We try our hardest to have a demo for most models we carry, however this is not always the case.

Schedule a test Ride

Schedule a Demo Ride:  (512) 459-3966

* We do not allow demo rides in inclement weather. If the street in our area is wet, we will not allow any demo rides until conditions improve. *
** AF1 Racing reserves the right to deny a demo ride to anyone at any time at our discretion. **