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Just recently we went out to Circuit of The Americas and broke the F1000 lap record! We clicked off a momentous 2:08.65 lap time on the world-renowned track. 
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2019 Ural Sidecar Motorcycles

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Welcome To Texas' Premier Motorbike Dealership

Thank you for visiting the online home of AF1 Racing Austin. We've been helping riders get on brilliant motorcycles and scooters in Texas and the rest of the country for over a decade. In addition, we provide top class service to keep them in running strong, and the parts to customize and DIY if you prefer. There's a reason our name comes up whenever our brands are mentioned.

Find out more about why AF1 Racing has been a staple for local, national, and international riders.

Austin is well known throughout the country for being a hot spot. The city oozes character and rewards individuality. The Sun shines throughout the year and brings warm Summers and mild Winters. Add in an above average number of unique events, food, culture, and of course, live music, and it's easy to see why it's one of our Nation's fastest growing cities. So, what advantages do motorcycle & scooter riders get to enjoy?

  • Free parking! Downtown Austin offers free parking at metered spots [up to 12 hours] for motorcycle and scooter riders.

  • Park easy. Hard to find a spot to fit your car near the latest hot spot? Not on a bike. You'll almost always find a spot right near the front where you can fit or another biker has already saved you a spot.

  • Fuel efficiency. The latest crop of 150cc Vespas (Primavera & Sprint) now see an estimated 117 MPG! Even a Superbike like Aprilia's RSV4 is capable of 30 MPG. We even offer fully electric motorcycles from Zero!

  • Experience our great city from a new perspective. Think Austin is easy on the eyes from your car? It's even better on a motorcycle or scooter. Turn the doldrums of traffic into a feast for the senses.

Promotions come and promotions go. Make sure to stop by our promotions page and find out more about what promotions are currently available to make your future ride even sweeter.