Do you like going WAY off the beaten path? Does riding into sandy washouts or across muddy fields, up rocky slopes or through snow in ANY season sound like your type of riding? If so, even the one wheel drive (1WD) Ural models may speak loudly to you! Since 2wd is not often required to get out of a tight spot, maybe putting the extra $$$ into a trip is more your speed?

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Ural has built it's reputation on being the right rig for getting you into serious adventure, urban or VERY rural, your call! The single wheel drive models come at a significant cost savings up front and while not capable of going ALL of the same places are very capable machines going with east to MOST of the same places the 2WD models can get to! The motor is same fuel injected, 750cc flat-twin power-plant propelling all of the other Ural models smoothly and efficiently down the road or trail or path of your choosing.  They come with same basic amenities and can be outfitted with the same ADV accessories and the sidecar can make your wife, kid or dog smile just the same!

These bikes are TOUGH, they are literally designed to cross continents and rivers or snowbanks or deserts.  In the motorcycle world there are precious few other options with the capability level Urals demonstrate daily. 


Available Options:

·         Black powertrain - $1,000

·         Undercoating - $1,000

·         Custom paint - $1,000

Nothing in life is free and these are no exception, but start at $12,999 and going up to $15999 or even more if you go "option crazy" this is a pretty affordable way to get into the sidecar revolution that is now starting for dedicated motorcyclists all over the USA!


The Ural Board of Directors isn't strictly made up of desk jockeys or pencil pushers - they're riders. And these guys take quality assurance seriously. Each year they plan a trip to test the sidecars in conditions that truly challenge their machines.