Where the Road Ends, the Adventure Begins.

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Named after the famous Alpine pass that connects Valtelline Valley to Vinschgau Valley with 84 amazing s-bends between them, the Stelvio 1200 NTX brings together Guzzi character with state-of-the-art performance and design. The Stelvio has reached a new level thanks to technical and functional upgrades

The Bike.

It all starts with design. The Guzzi design team has streamlined the Stelvio by rounding off the fuel tank and integrating it with the lightweight half-fairing. The new half-fairing improves wind protection and flows seamlessly into the twin headlight assembly. Those headlamps are a distinctive element of the Stelvio design, and the only detail inherited from the previous version.

The front fairing, windscreen and the half-fairing with integrated turn signals are all brand new elements that together, give the front-end of the Stelvio a cutting-edge look. The design is original, but stays in line with the soul of the Stelvio and is more functional and versatile.

More efficient aerodynamic protection, thanks to the new top fairing and practically twice fold range capacity thanks to the outstanding new fuel tank with a 32 liter capacity. Where you're going, you don't need roads.

The Engine. 


The heart that beats inside this stout bike is the renowned 90° transverse V-twin "Four valve" engine, the highest performer among all the families of engines manufactured at Mandello del Lario. This engine has now reached exclusive levels as far as its technical/performance development is concerned.

This latest version can boast careful attention paid to achieve a more silent and smooth running engine by tweaking the electronic, timing, and cooling systems. The brand new integrated ignition and injection ECU now exploits two lambda o2 sensors to guarantee adequate fueling throughout the entire combustion cycle, improving throttle response, low-to-mid-range power delivery, and economy and emissions. The ECU also includes the ATC system (derived from Aprilia's APRC) to prevent sliding: this system controls ignition and fuel injection to limit torque whenever a sudden loss of grip is detected so as to help the rider to remain in control under extreme or unexpected conditions. The system can be deactivated if the rider so chooses, just like ABS.

The engine now boasts a maximum torque of over 83 foot-pounds delivered at a mere 5,800 rpm and easily reaches a peak horsepower of 105 HP at 7,250 rpm.

Comfort Tourer.

You get an idea of the Stelvio's characteristics immediately once you are seated on the bike, where the perception of carefully-designed ergonomics can be felt straightaway: saddle, footrests and handlebar form a perfect triangle for all users. Moreover, for the perfectionists, there is still room for minor adjustments: windshield, saddle height (32 or 33 inches), handlebar rotation, levers, pedals, as well as race-style adjusters for hydraulic compression/rebound damping. In a few moments, everything is at the right place to face any challenge, from city traffic to difficult off-road paths. In motion, reduced vibration and the efficient aerodynamics offered by the new top fairing and windshield and original side wind deflectors ensure riding comfort for rider and passenger as well, ideal for long trips.

The NTX features more protection for the motor and the rider alike. Aluminum crash bars protect the oil sump, engine, and cylinder heads. While hand-guards and the extra large windshield and additional wind deflectors offer more protection and comfort for the rider.
A bike dedicated to long haul travellers naturally needs luggage space, the Stelvio does not disappoint with spacious aluminium panniers and additional halogen lights.

Major improvements are also found in the instruments and controls, with a new dash including a 12V power outlet, a new fuse box compartment, and a new instrument panel. Instrument panel updates include new RPM indicator graphics and a display with six-mark fuel indicator that integrates with on-board computer functions such as average and current consumption, average speed, trip time, maximum speed peak reached and diagnostics. The display also lets you activate the ATC system (traction control system), fitted as standard on both models.


Chassis, Suspension, and Brakes.

The Stelvio 1200 NTX tackles a twisty mountain pass or a gravel strewn fire road with equal aplomb. The secret is the new upper twin spar frame, made of high-strength steel, with 2.5mm thick directional tubes, where the engine is anchored through six connecting points providing higher rigidity, two more than in typical frames.


Chassis geometries have been designed to facilitate handling, a headstock with a 27° of rake and 125mm trail, improved by a 60.4 inch wheelbase guarantees impeccable handling. The fully adjustable 45mm USD Marzocchi fork with 170mm of travel ensures an instant, smooth response. At the rear, a rebound and preload adjustable Sachs monoshock supports 155mm of travel. The refinement of the suspension guarantees a neutral setting at all times.
When accelerating out of a corner, asking the "Quatrovalvole" engine for it's 105 horsepower, or when braking, mighty deceleration generated by the three-disc Brembo braking system (supported by the adjustable Continental ABS).

The Stelvio NTX sports 320mm double disc front brakes, while retaining a 282mm brake disc at the rear. The wheels boast a cutting-edge set of light alloy rims with a 150/70-17 rear tire. Tubeless spoked wheels (patented Alpina STS system) come standard on the NTX.