Erik Buell is back with a V twin vengeance.

*Carbon Edition in stock at AF1 Racing Austin!

After creating some of the most innovative engineering designs in modern sports motorcycle history, Buell Motorcycle Company was dead. Thanks to lackluster sales due to poor placement, funding, and marketing by it's parent company Harley Davidson, Buell Motorcycles met it's untimely and unpopular demise.

It was a twist of fate that led to Erik Buell creating Erik Buell Racing and the 1190RS, and we may have never seen it otherwise. The 1190RS is on the bleeding edge of Sportsbike innovation and construction. With Buell's years of innovation and a small number of extremely skilled and dedicated engineers, craftsmen, and workers brings you a bike you'd previously only dreamt of. One-hundred-seventy-five peak horsepower, ninety-seven pound-feet of torque, all in a three-hundred-eighty-nine pound [footnote 1] package wrapped in the finest carbon fiber you'll see on a street vehicle [footnote 2].

The 1190RS is more than the sum of it's parts. Much more. Neutral handling, incredible front end feel, and mass centralization that allows the 1190RS to flick side to side like a prototype machine. There's a lot more going on here than a normal "build".

EBR is technically new to the industry, but Erik Buell is not. Innovation is the name of his game, and the 1190RS has innovation in spades. Unique will be another word that comes to mind when people speak of this bike in the future (and they damn sure will) , EBR is only building 100 of these breathtaking machines. Think of all the great bikes of years past, the ones that people drool over while others kick themselves at passing up the chance. The 1190RS will be on that list.


1. wet, sans fuel, and with street legal exhaust
2. with optional carbon package

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