Dyno Tuning

* AF1 Racing offers Dyno Tuning.*
** Please contact us for details and scheduling. ***

Unlock Your Bike’s Full Potential

AF1 Racing offers on-site state-of-the-art motorcycle dyno tuning. With over 20 years of experience tuning motorcycles of every size and category, our expert staff can restore lost power and access the untapped potential of your engine.  AF1 Racing uses our in-house Mustang Dyno to help you achieve better gas mileage, peak air-fuel ratio, and optimal functionality of all engine components. Dyno tuning is an investment in your bike that is felt every time you ride. 

AF1 uses perhaps a non-standard dyno tuning philosophy. Much time on the dyno is spent getting partial throttles and realistic load ranges mapped to perfection and minimal time spent at wide open to preserve the life of your motor and make sure it is safely tuned, but not abused. The result is the smoothest possible throttle responses at all rpm’s and loads along with the smoothest, most refined power delivery your engine is capable of achieving. The gains made at light to moderate throttle are where you really feel the difference between a properly tuned motor vs. a stock or generic tune.


  • Fine-tune ECU maps for peak performance: 
  • Custom EFI mapping of stock ECU’s using several versions or reflash software and data logging
  • Identify faulty engine components : The dyno is the single best diagnostic tool made for difficult to find problems
  • Diagnose power loss: If your bike is feeling slower, we can find the reason using science, not guesswork
  • Balance power output and match air-fuel ratio among all cylinders: where applicable, not all tuners allow individual cylinder adjustment
  • Precision Harley Davidson tuning :These are some of the most satisfying bikes to tune, real gains you can feel from idle to redline
  •  Power Commander, Bazzaz, Rapid Bike and other piggyback style fuel tuning devices can be easily and reliably dialed in.
  • Maximize timing curve (horsepower & torque): We aim to maximize “the total area under the curve” or get you best power across a broad range of loads and revs
  • Remove detonation :Do not let detonation kill another motor, detecting on dyno is safest possible environment to chase away detonation or pre-ignition

We accept virtually all makes and models of motorcycles for dyno tuning. We are willing to diagnose carbureted motorcycles and repair them, but it is not cheap as it is a time-consuming process. Yes, we can tune dirt bikes however, you will need to install a street tire for dyno testing, knobby tires DO NOT SURVIVE ON THE DYNO. We cannot run ATV’s, UTV’s Side by Sides, Can Am Spiders, or Polaris Slingshots as our dyno is not built for a “trike” configuration of any sort.

Full disclosure: There is no single price quoted for dyno work or tuning work, seldom does it go perfectly smooth and each and every bike is different. We can guesstimate the total on common tuning interfaces such as PCV or Bazzaz but, please be aware that final numbers are subject to change within reason. The dyno is hard on tires if doing much more than a baseline run, we will not run dangerous tires (ie: bald or chunked) or chains, please be sure to either bring with your bike a decent touring type tire for dyno use or be ready to get back a bike with visible tire wear on centerline, we also keep spare dyno tires handy that we can use for extended tuning sessions. Of course installation and removal is an extra cost. We definitely appreciate you removing as much of your own bodywork as possible on sport or track bikes to allow us easy access to electronics and for blowing air through the radiator(s) during tuning, with cruiser type bikes and naked this is usually a non-issue. Taking off your own plastics saves you time and money and space for us.

Please contact us for an appointment and specific pricing. There is no such thing as same day dyno tuning due to time constraints and physical realities All dyno tuning is done on a drop-off basis and by appointment only. If you wish to see your bike being baseline run or the proof run after tuning just make sure you note this and you are welcome to come and watch.