AF1 and the Art of Motion

AF1 Racing has recently acquired two unique and rare pieces of contemporary motorcycle art. The EBR 1190RS and the Vespa 946 are both pieces of art in their own rights, but for individual reasons. We want to share the chance to experience these two vehicles with our customers and friends this Friday (November 15th) along with drinks in our Austin showroom.


Erik Buell Racing’s 1190RS is a staggering work of engineering carried out in exotic mediums of carbon, magnesium, and aluminum. Possibly the most exotic Superbike every to come out of the great 50, this bike is one you must not miss the chance to see in person. Cutting edge manufacturing combined with extreme ingenuity has created a true masterpiece.


From the other side of the pond, and the other end of the two wheeled spectrum, we have the Vespa 946. A rideable sculpture that, respectfully, should carry Miguel Galluzzi’s signature and be chauffeured between the various MOMA for all to see. Luckily for you, and us, we have one you can see in person. Step back and enjoy the elegant lines flowing from the horn cast, through the leg shield and along the tail. Every angle of the 946’s aluminum body begs to be contemplated and compared with Vespa’s lineage of unibody scooters.


Make sure to join us and enjoy these fine pieces of art from different sides of the motorcycle world. Complete with drinks to enjoy and friendly AF1 staff to chat with, you’ll have a good time and get to head home with another story of the unique fun you had in Austin.