Spring of 2017, some big changes!

We have added in the past few months Norton Motorcycles and Ural Motorcycles/Sidecars in order to continue bringing to Austin, Texas the most interesting motorcycles on the planet! In case you had not heard by now Norton is back, and back with a vengeance whether you just want to ride the most bitchin' Modern Classic on the market or if your putting down a deposit on quite simply the most awesome V4 powered sporting motorcycle ever built for delivery this fall! Getting Norton back into Austin has been a long time dream of mine, to me at least Norton represents some of the very best things about riding, design and styling to ever roll on two wheels!

Adding Ural Motorcycles which all come with sidecar attached has been a very fun process, riding sidecar bikes is unlike any other experience in motorcycling. Ural is made in Russia and built to be one of the toughest options out there for true all weather, all roads or total lack of roads riders, they are basically the UNIMOG of motorcycles! They do indeed ride VERY differently from conventional two wheeled bikes and are not high speed machines with 65-70mph being about as fast as you will want to go. If your dog, child or significant other always gives you "that lookwhen you pull out of the garage, Ural might just be the thing that changes perspectives around your house.

New 2017 Zero Motorcycles demo bikes have arrived, one with the stupendously powerful 117 ft/lbs of torque motor and the other with the lighter 6.5 kilowatt hour battery and smaller 78 ft/lbs motor. As of this year you can add a standard EV charger port for REALLY FAST recharge times at any free EV charging station supporting Nissan Leaf of Chevy Volt/Bolt or other plug in EV's or hybrids...you simply have to ride one to see how far and how fast the EV revolution has come! 

April 15th is Tax Day, if you are getting a refund do you already have better plans? If you are like me and have to pay every year, well bikes sure help me de-stress and forget about how much of my savings I just wrote-off...see it works either way!