EBR Track Day Experience

Erik Buell Racing is coming to Ridesmart events in the month of March, bringing the 1190RX, 1190SX, and EBR rider Cory West!  We've had a lot of questions about how the EBR  performs and now is your chance to get first hand experience.

At Motorsport Ranch Cresson (March 8-9) and Circuit of the Americas (March 14-15), EBR will be on hand with bikes for demo rides. Cory will be riding an EBR 1190RX in the advanced group, showing what the bikes capabilities in the hands of an AMA pro rider.

This event is open to anyone registered for the accompanying track days. If you're looking to purchase an EBR or just curious, make sure to register and get a ride on the new EBR 1190RX and SX. 


Registration can be found at Ridesmart.com.
Ridesmart Motorsport Ranch Cresson - March 8-9
Ridesmart Circuit of the Americas - March 14-15