Erik Buell Racing comes to AF1

AF1 is proud to announce we are a dealer of Erik Buell Racing. This means AF1 can now help you with the exciting possibility of becoming one of the few lucky souls to own an EBR 1190RS.

Possibly the most exciting sportsbike to ever be produced in the US, the 1190RS is a complete assault on the industry status quo. Every detail has been questioned to make sure this bike sets the bar of innovation. The mind that brought us the fuel cell in a frame is brining hub-less wheels, magnesium cast subframes, and a full carbon body. Trust us when we say this bike has achieved lofty goals of unsprung weight. Geometries have been tweaked and tweaked again to give what Motorcyclist called

...dead-nuts neutral even under very aggressive trail-braking...

Let's not leave out one of our favorite parts, the Rotax 'derived' (EBR has changed or tweaked almost everything) v-twin. As [obvious] fans of the V990, this 175hp beast sounds delightfully monstrous. A torque curve that doesn't let up and peaks at an asphalt ripping 97ft-lbs adds to the extreme usability on the race track. All of this in a bike that weighs 389 lbs sans fuel.

We said exciting right? If you're drooling on your keyboard right now, you're not alone. We're looking forward to helping a lucky customer or two of getting their hands on a true piece of american sportsbike history... mostly so that they might let us ride it.