2020 ZERO SR/F

There are some clear advantages to going electric: no need to visit the gas station, no oil, no exhaust, etc. In addition, there are a host of benefits experienced by Zero owners on a regular basis that are not as obvious. Behind the design of each cutting edge model is a philosophy of elegant simplicity that keeps the weight of the motorcycle low, virtually eliminates all routine powertrain maintenance and yields stealthy acceleration. The result is an incredibly exhilarating ride and an ownership experience that appreciates mile after mile.


Zero Motorcycles’ 100% electric powertrain significantly reduces CO2 and noxious fumes emissions while also saving oil reserves. Regardless of any one personal or political reason, conserving oil and reducing tail pipe emissions offer a wide range of benefits. In fact, because the electrical grid is becoming increasingly efficient year after year, a Zero will become more energy efficient and cleaner with age. And for those who truly aspire to absolute energy independence or eliminating emissions, it is even possible to power a Zero using completely renewable energy sources. Regardless of where the energy comes from, there’s something very freeing about passing the gas station as the prices continue to hit new highs.



The SR/F delivers 140 ft-lbs of torque and 110 horsepower with the simple twist of a throttle thanks to the class-leading performance and efficiency of Zero’s new ZF75-10 motor and ZF14.4 lithium-ion battery.


Our all-new scalable Rapid Charge System allows the bike to be configured for 3 kW, 6 kW, 9 kW or 12 kW of charging at any standard Level 2 charge station.* The SR/F Rapid Charge System will be able to charge at 38 miles of range per hour of charging (mphc) on 3 kW, 76 mphc on 6 kw, and 153 mphc on 12 kW which can recharge the battery pack to 95% capacity in 1 hour of charging.

* Note: SR/F requires use of included EVSE cord in order to charge on a standard 110 V wall outlet.

Fully Recyclable

Zero Motorcycles uses the best practices in the EV industry to make sure all of our lithium-ion batteries are recycled. Each one uses a chemistry that allows us to take advantage of continuously improving battery-recycling programs.

Zero batteries are fully air cooled and designed to handle a diverse range of conditions. Our latest generation of Z-Force® battery technology uses new and more precise cell monitoring to ensure greater range, more power and better acceleration off the line.

2020 Highlights

Max Speed: 124MPH

Peak Torque: 140FT-LB

Optimal Charge Time: 60MINUTES

200 Mile Range With Power Tank

100% Electric Powertrain Low maintenance

CYPHER III Operating system

161 Miles City Range

Clutchless Direct Drive

498lb Curb weight

BOSCH Motorcycle stability control

31.0in Seat height

5 YEARS/UNLIMITED Miles Power pack warranty*

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