2020 ZERO dsr ZF14.4 | Black forest


Distinctive styling. Geared for adventure.

The Zero DSR Black Forest comes decked out with our game-changing Charge Tank (optional), a set of premium integrated luggage and a host of adventure-oriented gear, including touring windscreen and seat, dual sport drop bars, LED auxiliary lights (for off-road use only) and head light protector (for off-road use only).

Range (mi): 157 city / 64 highway

Color: Black Effect

Powerful Versatility

Athletic. Resourceful. Ready for anything. Tackle whatever gets in your way—from pothole-ridden boulevards to rock-strewn backwoods. The Zero DSR’s commanding stance, long-travel suspension and rugged dirt-ready tires give it go-anywhere capability, while its elevated view makes it easy to navigate busy city streets. Experience your world for the first time with seamless, silent and pure dual sport propulsion.

Torque Beast

The Zero DSR’s delivers silent stump-pulling torque, churning up to an outrageous 116 ft-lb—more than any fuel-burning production literbike. Twist the throttle. With this stealth force hurling you forward, you’ll easily leave gas bikes behind.

No shifting, vibration or fumes. The industry leading Z-Force® powertrain effortlessly drives your adventure as your motorcycle seems to silently disappear beneath you.



Charge 6x faster

The Charge Tank accessory funnels up to 84 miles of riding into the Zero DSR’s for every hour of charging when plugged into a Level 2 charge station. One cup of coffee now equals ~30 miles of riding. Or, charge fully in as little as an hour depending on battery size.


Using the Zero Motorcycles App, you can see detailed information about your motorcycle such as the time until charged, average watts per mile, total charge cycles and much more. When parked, the app allows you to set the custom riding mode’s performance profile by adjusting the parameters for top speed, maximum torque and maximum regenerative braking. While riding, your phone transforms into a customized dash that provides detailed real-time motorcycle information. Synced using Bluetooth, the app works on iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Pull the plug on maintenance

Blast down a fire road. Get dirty. Live in the moment. At the end of your adventure the Zero DS only asks that you plug in. No need to replace clogged filters or dirty oil. The Z-Force® powertrain eliminates the fossil burner mess, trading oil, spark plugs, clutches and filters for a motor with a single moving part. The Zero DS’s ripping acceleration is delivered through carbon fiber belt that directly connects the motor to the rear wheel. Chain maintenance is a thing of the past.

Zero’s Z-Force® powertrains are constantly advancing with code updates that deliver performance improvements. These updates are delivered through the Zero App, which download directly from your mobile device to your bike.

2020 Highlights

  • New largest battery 14.4 kWh

  • Onboard charger provides ability to charge wherever there's a power outlet

  • Lifetime battery can yield as much as 300,000 miles before replacement

  • Fully electric motor has no required maintenance intervals

  • Showa suspension designed with Zero

  • Bosch Gen 9 ABS system

  • Optional Charge Tank yields up to 103 range miles per charging hour

  • 19% More Torque. 11% Increase in Power. Smoother Delivery.

  • Premium Paint with a More Durable Finish

  • Five-Year, Unlimited-Mileage Battery Warranty

  • Locking Tank Trunk

*Estimated city mileage. Please see the Zero DSR Specs Page for more details.


  City Range 163 miles (262 km) 204 miles (328 km)
  Highway Range 78 miles (126 km) 97 miles (156 km)
  Combined Range 105 miles (169 km) 132 miles (212 km)
  Max Torque 116 ft-lb (157 Nm) 116 ft-lb (157 Nm)
  Max Power 70 hp (52 kW) @ 3,500 rpm 70 hp (52 kW) @ 3,500 rpm
  Top Speed 102 mph (164 km/h) 102 mph (164 km/h)
  Max Capacity 14.4 kWh 18.0 kWh
  Cost to recharge  $1.61 $2.02
  Charge Time 9.8 hours (100% charged) / 9.3 hours (95% charged) 12.1 hours (100% charged) / 11.6 hours (95% charged)
  -- w/ Tank Accessory 2.5 hours (100% charged) / 2.0 hours (95% charged) N/A
  -- w/ Max Chargers 2.8 hours (100% charged) / 2.3 hours (95% charged) 3.3 hours (100% charged) / 2.8 hours (95% charged)
  Curb Weight 419 lb (190 kg) 463 lb (210 kg)
  Seat Height 33.2 in (843 mm) 33.2 in (843 mm)
  Power Pack Warranty 5 years/unlimited miles 5 years/unlimited miles
  MSRP $15,495 $18,390