2020 Primavera 150 Yacht Club


Ever admire the nautical world but find yourself more like a landlubber? No worries! The unique Vespa Primavera 150 Yacht Club blends along with the finesse that is typical in the world of sailing.

A limited run, the Vespa Primavera 150 Yacht Club takes classic-italian styling and puts it together with the classic blue and white of Yacht inspired living.


The revolution continues, with the brand new Vespa Primavera boasting even greater safety, comfort and style, along with extra bells and whistles.


want specs? check ‘em out:

Fuel consumption:98 MPG (43.2 km/l)

Power: 12.9 hp (9.5 kW) @ 7,750 rpm

CO2 emissions compliance: 65 g/km

Tank capacity: 2.1 gallons (8 liters)

Width: 28.9" (735 mm)

Wheel to wheel: 73.6" (1870 mm)

Length: 52.7" (1340 mm)

3. Saddle height: 31.1" (790 mm)


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