Your VIP Pass to the City

Before you get in your car on Monday morning, ask yourself this: Are you looking forward to your commute? Get yourself a BV and you will. Twist the throttle and traffic disappears behind you. The all-new BV 350 features a brand new, state-of-the-art, single cylinder 350cc engine. With the power of a 400cc and the compact dimensions and light weight of a 300cc, the BV 350 sets a new standard in the maxi-scooter segment.

Top performer

The engine of the BV 350 has been designed to deliver performance comparable to a 400cc but with the lightweight nature and agility of a 300cc. It is the only motor in its category to use a wet type automatic multi-disc clutch

As well as power, the engine delivers on the fuel consumption front with 66mpg despite a maximum of 30hp and 21.5ft-lbs of torque.

USB equipped

The compartment integrated in the rear shield of the BV350 is divided into two sections with the right hand one housing a USB socket for charging your phone or other devices. Allowing you to keep connected with the world-at-large.

Modern Instrument panel

The instrument cluster of the BV350 comprises of three analogue elements (fuel gauge, speedometer, and cooling liquid temperature), an LCD Multi-display warning lights which also communicate the ABS status and that of the ASR traction control.

2020 Highlights

  • Newly designed 350cc engine provides power of a 400 with the economy of a 300

  • Gorgeous European styling

  • Large wheel sizes provide excellent control and ride

  • Anti-lock braking system and Traction control

  • 30.2hp/21.5ft-lbs

  • CVT transmission

  • Electronic fuel injection

  • 66mpg

  • Wet sump lubrication