The fastest and sportiest naked ever, a direct descendant of the rsv4, seven-time world sbk champion, reaches a new evolutionary step which corresponds to unique thrills on the road and on the track .

The sophisticated electronic management includes an advanced dynamic controls package with APRC, cornering abs, quick shift active even in downshifting, pit limiter and cruise control. The inimitable 175 HP V4, the suspension systems, the brakes, combined with a racing frame, provide unequalled performance.


Simply unrivalled. Now more than ever. The Aprilia naked range, heir to a family of motorbikes which has been voted over time as one of the most adrenaline pumping and efficient bikes ever, achieves absolute performance levels and sophistication, thanks to Aprilia's know-how acquired over years of winning premier level competitions and the experience of the Tuono history, which is thus confirmed as the only superbike stripped down and fitted with a high handlebar, unbeatable on the track and loads of fun on the road. The Tuono V4 family of motorbikes is made up of two distinctly outfitted models. Tuono V4 1100 RR represents an exceptional thrill machine, the heir to a dynasty of naked sport bikes acclaimed by critics as the most effective and fastest bike in its segment. Tuono V4 1100 Factory is the more exclusive version, dedicated to an extremely demanding public, this bike is equipped with components which are largely derived from the Aprilia RSV4 RF superbike.


The greatest innovations have to do with the Aprilia Tuono V4's on board electronics, that has always been considered as the “best in class”, where the APRC system stands out. Aprilia Performance Ride Control is the patented control suite derived directly from the winning technology in world Superbike, the most complete and refined of those available on motorbikes in the same segment. The fourth generation of APRC, standard on the Tuono V4 1100, fits in perfectly with the fine electronic management of the full Ride-by-Wire throttle, that has allowed all superfluous throttle body electronic management components to be eliminated, thereby saving 590 grams. The repositioning of the inertial platform that allows APRC operation has optimum accurate detection of the dynamic conditions of the bike, resulting in efficient electronic control strategies.

Color TFT Instrumentation

The total revamping of the Tuono's electronics management is completed by the new color TFT Instrumentation, a true digital computer with exceptional display options. The two selectable screen pages (Road and Race, both with night and day backlighting) correspond to as many represented indexes.

Aprilia Multimedia platform (V4-MP) + Smartphone = performance

Standard equipment for the RSV4 RF (and optional for the RSV4 RR, Tuno Factory, and Tuono RR), there is a new version of the V4-MP, the Aprilia multimedia platform that lets you connect your smartphone to the vehicle via Bluetooth, introducing for the first time a true corner by corner electronic settings calibration system with data that can subsequently be downloaded to your laptop (or displayed directly on the smartphone) for analysis, just like they do at the races. The new V4-MP adds a new connection protocol that reduces smartphone battery consumption to a minimum, in addition to providing a larger range of circuits already mapped in which you can manage the electronic settings corner by corner, as well as user acquisition of a new circuit that is not in the list Aprilia has provided. V4-MP also includes the Infotainment system, introduced by Aprilia for the first time on the new RSV4, to manage voice commands and incoming/outgoing telephone calls with your smartphone. These activities are also displayed and managed by the digital instrumentation.

Aprilia V4 65 Degree, 4-stroke, liquid cooled, double overhead camshaft (DOHC), four valves per cylinder. Ride by wire with 3 engine mappings (Sport, Race, Track).

2019 Highlights


  • 1077 cc 65º V4

  • 173 HP (129 kW) @ 11,000 rpm

  • 89 ft-lb (121 Nm) @ 9,000 rpm

  • Double overhead camshaft (DOHC)

  • Four valves per cylinder

  • 6-speed cassette type gearbox with slipper clutch

  • Ride by Wire with 3 engine mappings (Sport, Race, Track)


  • Aluminium dual beam chassis with pressed and cast sheet elements

  • Front Brake: Brembo M50 4-piston mono-block radial calipers. Radial pump and steel braided brake lines; 330 mm floating double disc with aluminum carrier

  • Rear Brake: Brembo 32 mm 2 isolated piston caliper. Rear brake pump with integrated reservoir and steel braided lines; 220mm disc

  • ABS: C-ABS Bosch 9.1MP, de-selectable, adjustable to 3 mappings, with RLM (Rear wheel Lift-up Mitigation) strategy

  • Dry Weight: 397 lbs (185 kg)


APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) system including:

  • (ATC ) traction control

  • (AWC) wheelie control

  • (ALC) launch control

  • (AQS) quick shifter with auto-blipper

  • (ACC) cruise control

  • (APL) pit limiter

  • Cornering ABS, all Independently settable and de-selectable. V4-MP 2.0 as standard.


  • All 2018 Aprilia models have a 2 year warranty

Thanks to a further development of the PMP system, fine tuned by the Piaggio Group and called V4-MP because it is dedicated to the most sporty and high performance bikes in the Aprilia range, communication between the vehicle and your smartphone becomes active: you can change the settings on your RSV4 RR and Tuono V4 1100 directly from your smartphone and you can also receive tips in real time on how to improve performance on the track in complete safety.

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