2019 Dorsoduro 900

The 2019 model Dorsoduro 900 remains a top contender in its respective category and therefore remains unchanged. However, now it’s in a new look and ready to silence the critics. Born out of Aprilia's solid tradition, this motorcycle is a true thrill generator. The exclusivity is also due to its original and innovative technical choices, like the mixed steel trellis/aluminium plates frame with excellent handling and tight cornering characteristics. The 90° V-twin engine puts a smile on the rider's face every time the throttle is twisted, thanks to the loads of power that amplify its personality. The fine electronic management that includes, besides the Ride-by-wire multimap accelerator, traction control and ABS, complete the technical equipment on the Dorsoduro 900.

Better performance from the revamped V-twin engine

Starting from the 750 cc 90° V-twin engine base, well-known and popular because of its character and reliability, Aprilia developed a new 900 cc unit with the goal of obtaining more torque and response at low and medium rpms for a thrilling riding experience. The Aprilia V-twin was therefore revisited in numerous details to achieve this purpose. The new engine capacity was obtained by increasing the stroke from 56.4 mm to 67.4 mm and leaving the bore unchanged (92 mm). By so doing, maximum power now peaks at 95.2 HP at 8,750 rpm, but more important is the maximum torque value that goes from 82 Nm at 4,500 rpm on the 750 cc V-twin to 90 Nm at 6,500 rpm on the new 900 cc V-twin, a value that is truly at the top of its category. It should be noted that, despite the fact that maximum torque peak for the new 900 cc V-twin is reached a higher rpms, the torque curve is actually flatter and always higher than the 750 cc predecessor. This operation allowed for an increase in acceleration response and pick up, all to the advantage of riding fun, without limiting the proverbial reliability of the powerplant in any way, shape or form.

Although the architecture remains unchanged - 90 degree angle between the two cylinders, as well as a timing system with four valves per cylinder, dual overhead cam and liquid cooling - the new engine has undergone various changes: an important operation aimed at reducing friction was carried out on the pistons, completely redesigned and now characterized by a special anti-friction feature on the mantle, whereas new pins have led to a lightening of the alternated parts in motion. The crankshaft, also new, is balanced differently

A semi-dry carter internal lubrication reduces losses of power due to shaking and keeps consumption and temperature of the lubricant to a limit, thereby eliminating the need for an oil radiator. The fuel system of the Dorso remains as it was for the prior 2018 model, providing a greater spread and pressure of fuel delivery along with a dual oxygen sensor setup. The Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 engine is also fitted with an automatic decompresser which makes it easier to start in low temperature conditions.

New electronic management

Electronic engine management is now handled by the new and more powerful Marelli 7 SM ECU, the same hardware used on the V4 bikes from Noale, that dialogues with the ride-by-wire system completely built into the throttle grip. This system allows even more accurate management of the fuel/air mixture and the injection throttle valve opening based on numerous parameters including engine speed, gearbox position, air flow (in quantity and speed), throttle grip and temperature, with great benefits in terms of smooth riding without opening/closing jerks, containment of harmful emissions and fuel consumption. The engine is, therefore, always able to distribute the ideal torque and provide the best acceleration, all to the advantage of a satisfying and fun ride. The sophisticated electronic management also provides the possibility of changing the engine mapping, radically changing the character of how the power it is capable of developing is unloaded onto the ground. The Sport setting provides an immediate and aggressive throttle response; the Touring logic provides a smoother response, ideal for touring and daily use, whereas the Rain map reduces available power to about 70 HP and is therefore ideal in the event of difficult weather conditions or on slippery road surfaces. Mapping can also be changed at any time, even on the fly, by simply pressing the engine start button.

The Dorsoduro 900's Aprilia Traction Control system is combined with a Continental two-channel ABS system with developed calibration in order not to take anything away from the sporty ride. The ABS feature can also be disabled. The electrical system places the engine control and management systems in communication with the the astoundingly beautiful color TFT display. The compact unit with a 4.3-inch screen contains a wealth of information that is always highly legible thanks to its capacity of adapting the background and font colours based on the conditions detected by the light sensor. The information displayed includes: rev counter, speedometer, selected gear indicator, coolant temperature, selected engine map and clock. Using the practice MODE joystick on the new left hand electrical block, you can navigate through the menu and scroll/adjust the following parameters: odometer, traction control level, ABS ON (only when not in movement), MENU (only when not in movement), Trip A, Trip A time, Trip A maximum speed, Trip A average speed, Trip A average consumption, Trip B, Trip B time, Trip B maximum speed, Trip B average speed, Trip B average consumption, instantaneous consumption, Km ridden in reserve.

One of the optional features is the AMP installation kit, the Aprilia multimedia platform that connects a smartphone to the vehicle to provide an exceptional quantity of information useful for the ride: the new instrumentation lets you view all the data related to incoming/current calls on the screen, as well as information related to the use of an intercom or any audio files that you may be playing.

2017 Dorsoduro 900

2017 Dorsoduro 900

2017 Shiver 900 & 2017 Dorsoduro 900

2017 Shiver 900 & 2017 Dorsoduro 900


2019 Highlights


  • Aprilia V90 Longitudinal 90° V-twin engine, 4-stroke, liquid cooled

  • 896.1 cc

  • 95.2 HP (70 kW) at 8,750 rpm

  • 66.3 ft-lb (90 Nm) at 6,500 rpm

  • 11:1 compression ratio

  • Double overhead camshaft with mixed gear/chain timing system

  • Four valves per cylinder

  • 6-speed

  • Ride-by-Wire integrated engine management system. Injection with 3-map Ride-by-wire throttle valve opening management (Sport, Touring, Rain)


  • Modular tubular steel frame fastened to aluminium side plates by high strength bolts. Dismountable rear frame.

  • Upside-down fork, stanchions 41 mm, with adjustable hydraulic rebound damping and spring preload. Wheel travel 160 mm.

  • Aluminium alloy swingarm. Hydraulic shock absorber with adjustable extension and spring preload. Wheel travel 160 mm.

  • Front Brake: Dual 320 mm stainless steel floating discs. Radial, four-piston calipers. Metal braided brake hose.

  • Rear Brake: 240 mm stainless steel disc. Single piston caliper. Metal braided brake hose. Continental two-channel ABS system.


  • All 2019 model Aprilias come with a 2-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.

2019 Dorsoduro 900

For 2017, Aprilia developed a new 900 cc unit with the goal of obtaining more torque and response at low and medium rpms. Shiver and Dorsoduro grow in displacement with a new euro 4 twin-cylinder capable of more than 95 HP and 90 Nm of torque.

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